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Northern Rivers Flooding Claim

Gerard Malouf and Partners (GMP-Law) are proud to be investigating the impact of the construction concerning the M1 Pacific Highway between Grafton and Ballina, and it's relationship to the extraordinary flood damage occasioned to the Northern Rivers community in February-March 2022.


Thousands of people in the community have expressed the view that the M1 Motorway acted as a levee bank. Instead of water flowing east towards the coast, it was captured and channeled along parts of the M1 Motorway, stretching over 60km long. It is alleged that the roadway was constructed in such a way as to aggravate pre-existing flood levels. 

About the Claim

The Northern Rivers Floods caused mass devastation to countless residents and businesses across North Eastern NSW in February-March 2022. Our focus is uncovering the truth and where applicable, bring a claim for significant damages for both the past future anticipated losses including depreciation in property values. If the crucial infrastructure was constructed poorly,  we anticipate the Governments (both State and Federal) will be forthcoming and transparent in acknowledging this situation and provide compensation for all who were affected.

In September 2022, a 330-page report was released by Transport NSW, indicating that they believe the new M1 Pacific Motorway had minimal negative impact on flood victims, however this significantly conflicts with the statements and evidence put forward by the local community

All flood victims who believe that the M1 Pacific Motorway contributed to their losses in the 2022 flooding event should REGISTER

Gerard Malouf and Partners (GMP-Law) will aggressively fight for Maximum Justice and Compensation on behalf of all who register their interest with our firm!

Risk Free

There is no financial risk registering with our firm.

No Win - No Fee

We will act for class members on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis in the Federal Court of Australia. Alternatively, if granted, a Group Cost Order lodged in the Victorian Supreme Court will financially protect the plaintiff and class members.

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